Grief to Grace is a week-long program for anyone who has suffered physical, emotional, or spiritual abuse, whether in childhood, adolescence, or as an adult. Professional therapeutic staff will engage you in a program of Living Scripture exercises, therapeutic facilitation, cognitive restructuring, and grief work. By traveling the Paschal Mystery of your own life and uniting your suffering to Christ’s, Grief to Grace can help you to share also in Christ’s Resurrection—finding love, tenderness, belonging, safety, joy and peace.


Though many participants are initially anxious about our group process, we find that the group becomes a powerful source of support and healing. Abuse so often involves keeping secrets—it seems too shameful to understand or even believe. A group retreat counters this as the group witnesses to what each has suffered. Participants share only when they feel comfortable. Exercises in personal retreat journals help individuals to privately reflect upon every stage of the program.

Considering a Grief to Grace retreat?


If you have suffered abuse, you may have lived in great isolation and loneliness. You may be keeping shameful secrets.  You may be afraid of being judged as unworthy or bad.  You may have been called terrible names and have come to believe these as true. But these are not the truth. The truth is that something terrible happened to you and, because of a noble spirit, you have survived.
The truth is that you are a child of God, “fearfully and wonderfully made” 
(Psalm 139).  We want you to recover your unique beauty and worth, hidden by something terrible, but now ready to be claimed—the real you.

The sense of helpless vulnerability which seemed ingrained in me has evaporated and I have a new sense of being present to myself and integrated in body, mind and spirit as never before.
— Grief to Grace participant

Please contact us in complete confidence to learn more. We understand it can be difficult to talk about what has happened, and that interested individuals may be a long way from deciding to attend a retreat.

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